Bleachorexia: A Serious Disorder Which Destroys Your Teeth


Bleachorexia may sound harmless, but it’s a very serious disorder. People who feel like their teeth are never white enough and bleach their teeth over and over are said to have bleachorexia. A dentist coined the term a few years ago when he started noticing patients coming in over and over for bleaching treatments whose teeth were in really bad shape as a result of the over bleaching. When a person has bleachorexia they usually use home bleaching kits several times a week and see the dentist for more in-depth bleaching on a regular basis. But the overexposure to harsh bleaching gels and additives in home bleaching kits can destroy teeth.

The Damages Caused by Over Bleaching

Someone who suffers from bleachorexia thinks that their teeth are never white enough, so they keep bleaching. But as they keep bleaching the enamel of the tooth is worn away. That leaves the inner part of the tooth exposed. The inner part of the tooth is naturally a yellowish color. When the person sees their teeth as being yellow they bleach again, which just makes the problem worse. Eventually the teeth become so weak and broken down that they crumble or fall part. Then the person has to endure root canals, crowns, and even implants just to fix the damage.

Bleachorexia on the Rise

According to dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry bleachorexia is on the rise. There is so much pressure on people to look great all the time these days that people are going to extremes bleaching their teeth constantly. In the era when selfies are popular and posting photos of yourself is expected everyone wants to look camera ready all the time. Having a white smile is expected, so people do whatever they can to make their smile look great. Unfortunately all that bleaching can destroy natural teeth. Using a natural tooth whitening product and using it responsibly is the best way to whiten teeth without causing massive damage to your teeth.

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Bleachorexia A Serious Disorder Which Destroys Your Teeth