Special Exercises to Treat Bow Legs and Knock-Knees

Special Exercises to Treat Bow Legs and Knock-Knees


Bow legs are a condition in which the shape of the legs is distorted and very noticeable from a distance. The person tends to have a peculiar gait and this is quite often accompanied by joint pain. The knees and ankles of bow legs sufferers never come close to each other, no matter how straight they stand with their feet together. This not only causes their knees to weaken, but can also lead to them turning inward. All of this makes physical activity and outdoor sports very difficult. In many cases, especially the severe ones, bow legs patients tend to opt for surgical intervention to correct this condition. However, surgery is not always everyone’s first choice.

The knee muscles help in supporting the knee joint, and the core muscles present in the abdominal region are vital for posture and balance. Strengthening these muscles will not only help the knee joint but will also take away some of the unnecessary load on the joint by correcting posture and balance. We’ve put some of these useful exercises below…

Curling the Hamstring muscle:

You’ll need to hold on to some furniture that can provide you with reliable support for this exercise, such as a chair. Then, with the left arm taking support of the chair, raise the heel of the right leg towards the buttocks until the knee forms an angle of around 90°. Hold this position for around 15 seconds and release. Repeat this process one more time with the same leg, and then move over to the next leg, balancing oneself with the other hand. Do this around 5 times with each leg, to begin with.

Sitting against the wall:

Face away from a wall, with your back flat against its surface, and toes pointing forwards. Take around 2 steps away from the wall, and then bend your knees while allowing your entire back to push against the wall. You should now feel as if you were sitting in an invisible chair, maintaining the position for around 1 minute. Return to the starting position, repeating the exercise immediately, and twice more during the day.

Stepping up a gradient:

Find a stair or platform six inches above ground level and place the left foot on this six-inch elevation. Push your body up while straightening your left leg, so that the right leg is dangling for at least 3 seconds above ground. Repeat the same routine with the other leg, and do the whole exercise twice, repeating it thrice a day, to start off with.

Squats on one leg:

Stand up straight, using your left hand to support yourself against a wall or chair. Bending your right knee, lift your right leg above the ground, with your toes pointing downwards. Then, slowly crouch down as much as possible, bending the knee of the left leg as if about to sit in a chair. Please ensure that the position of your left knee does not fall beyond that of the toes. Repeat this at least twice, and then move on to the other leg.


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4 Special Exercises to Treat Bow Legs and Knock-Knees